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containers::Link< T_ > Class Template Reference

A wrapper for items stored in a LinkedList. More...

#include <fastarduino/linked_list.h>

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Public Types

using T = T_
 The type of item wrapped by this class.

Protected Member Functions

 Link (const Link< T_ > &)=default
Link< T_ > & operator= (const Link< T_ > &)=delete


class LinkedList< T >
template<class T , class B >
struct types_traits::derives_from

Detailed Description

template<typename T_>
class containers::Link< T_ >

A wrapper for items stored in a LinkedList.

To use this class, you have to use the following idiom:

class MyType: public Link<MyType> {...}

A concrete example of Link use in FastArduino API can be found in events::EventHandler.

If you have an existing class which you want to directly use as a LinkedList item type, but cannot modify it, then you should use LinkWrapper instead.

Template Parameters
T_the type of item wrapped by this class
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