FastArduino  v1.8
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errors.h File Reference

Common errors definition. More...

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 This namespace defines common errors that can be returned by some FastArduino API methods, e.g.


constexpr const int errors::EIO = -5
 Input/output error.
constexpr const int errors::EAGAIN = -11
 Try again. More...
constexpr const int errors::EINVAL = -22
 Invalid argument or invalid Future.
constexpr const int errors::ETIME = -62
 Timer expired.
constexpr const int errors::EPROTO = -71
 Protocol error. More...
constexpr const int errors::EILSEQ = -84
 Illegal byte sequence. More...
constexpr const int errors::EMSGSIZE = -90
 Message too long. More...

Detailed Description

Common errors definition.

Definition in file errors.h.