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events.h File Reference

Support for events management. More...

#include <stddef.h>
#include "queue.h"
#include "linked_list.h"
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class  events::Event< T >
 A standard Event as managed by FastArduino event API. More...
class  events::Dispatcher< EVENT >
 Utility to dispatch an event to a list of EventHandlers that are registered for its type. More...
class  events::EventHandler< EVENT >
 Abstract event handler, used by Dispatcher to get called back when an event of the expected type is dispatched. More...


 Defines all API to handle events within FastArduino programs.
 Defines pre-defined types of events gegenarted by FastArduino API.


const uint8_t events::Type::NO_EVENT = 0
 Special event type attached to no event at all. More...
const uint8_t events::Type::WDT_TIMER = 1
 Type of events generated by watchdog::Watchdog for each watchdog timeout interrupt. More...
const uint8_t events::Type::RTT_TIMER = 2
 Type of events generated by timer::RTTEventCallback whenever elapsed RTT::millis() reaches a multiple of PERIOD_MS. More...
const uint8_t events::Type::USER_EVENT = 128
 The first ordinal event type that you may use for your own custom events. More...

Detailed Description

Support for events management.

Definition in file events.h.