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i2c.h File Reference

I2C API common definitions. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include "streams.h"
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 Define API to define and manage I2C devices.


enum  i2c::Status : uint8_t {
  i2c::Status::OK = 0x00,
  i2c::Status::START_TRANSMITTED = 0x08,
  i2c::Status::REPEAT_START_TRANSMITTED = 0x10,
  i2c::Status::SLA_W_TRANSMITTED_ACK = 0x18,
  i2c::Status::SLA_W_TRANSMITTED_NACK = 0x20,
  i2c::Status::DATA_TRANSMITTED_ACK = 0x28,
  i2c::Status::DATA_TRANSMITTED_NACK = 0x30,
  i2c::Status::ARBITRATION_LOST = 0x38,
  i2c::Status::SLA_R_TRANSMITTED_ACK = 0x40,
  i2c::Status::SLA_R_TRANSMITTED_NACK = 0x48,
  i2c::Status::DATA_RECEIVED_ACK = 0x50,
  i2c::Status::DATA_RECEIVED_NACK = 0x58
 Transmission status codes. More...
enum  i2c::I2CMode : uint8_t {
 I2C available transmission modes. More...

Detailed Description

I2C API common definitions.

Definition in file i2c.h.